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Order Picker Attachment

The J-tec custom Order Picker Attachment is the perfect accessory for your picking needs when using our CarryMore® carts. It simply attaches to your picker truck forks (many models are already custom fitted) and glides along the floor under each cart to lift it up for picking. The secure reverse "J" bolts assure the cart cannot come loose once lifted off its weight until it is set back down on the floor...and it automatically releases.  


No more misfires of the forks missing the fork pockets on the front of the cart. The picker attachment also gives the driver an additional 10" of "walk" or "pick" space to prevent additional reaching out for picking items.


Aside from the increased ergonomic advantages, the whole operation is faster, safer and more efficient when the Order Picker Attachment is used. 


See it being used HERE.


Try one today. You'll be ordering more in no time!



picker attachment


Order Picker Attachment from J-tec


Picker attachment on picker


Attachment on two picker trucks in factory


picker attachment2



picker attachment in cart


Order Picker Attachment shown in CarryMore Kit Cart


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