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Jtec Industries is a custom designer, fabricator and manufacturer of material handling equipment such as industrial carts (or dollies as they are commonly referred), warehouse equipment, shipping racks and more. Our own CarryMore® Tugger Cart System is a leading example in the industry of our design capabilities. Both center-steer and quad-steer versions of this industrial tugger cart (or mother cart) are available and allow for virtually unlimited customization and heavy weight capacities in the roller carts (or daughter carts) that ride on top.


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Our expert design and engineering teams specialize in innovative solutions when we work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs. We were established more than a decade ago in East Peoria, Illinois. We currently serve markets throughout Mexico, North America, Canada, Europe, U.A.E and more.


We understand LEAN Manufacturing. Jtec’s products help our customers have the right materials at the right place at the right time in their manufacturing and distribution facilities. Jtec supports the Fork-Free movement. We see huge safety and efficiency improvements with mother/daughter cart systems delivering multiple loads in one pass through the company store or on the lines, with just one tugger driver (or no drivers when utilizing AGV’s).


Our stackable racks, steel carts and other products are made with the highest grade steel for maximum strength and durability. These ergonomic roller carts utilize what we feel are the top casters available in the marketplace. While we won’t sacrifice quality, our solutions always add to long-term cost effectiveness.


Jtec’s name was derived from a combination of our owner’s first names (Jon Peterson, President, and Joe Knepp, Vice-President, are both “J’s”) and three benefits we strive to give every customer: access to the best Technology; wisely integrating staff Experience; and encouraging engaged employee Commitment. Hence, Jtec. We’ve made our mark in the industry by helping our customers improve overall operations with custom designed solutions, utilizing the most advanced technology. Along the way we’ve learned from our vast experiences to develop tried and true solutions that can be quickly implemented for our customers’ needs.


Finally, we feel our commitment - EVERY Jtec team member’s commitment – is based on striving to exceed each customer’s expectations. You can LEAN on us to work with your teams to provide the best customized solutions to support all of your production needs. All of this can be accomplished without disrupting your production schedules or current business processes. Jtec can make your vision a reality.

Jtec Logo 4C

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