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In the beginning...

Jtec Industries, Inc. was founded in 2004 in East Peoria, Illinois, and was incorporated in 2005. Original founder Jon Peterson brought a must-do customer service attitude and extensive material handling solutions background and began his business manufacturing and selling customizable returnable racks. He traveled extensively throughout the Midwest, initially, selling his products to customers large and small, and earned a reputation for providing excellent customer service, quality products and innovative solutions.


In early 2005, Joe Knepp joined Peterson as a co-owner and together they incorporated Jtec. Knepp brought engineering design, fabrication and operational manufacturing skills to the business. Soon thereafter, they purchased their first property, a 7,500 square foot, abandoned steel fabrication and manufacturing facility in East Peoria.


The property was so run down that it had become a local eyesore. With SOLD signs posted, neighbors in the adjoining residential areas showed up in numbers at a city planning meeting to protest the sale and voice concerns about operations at the site resuming. Despite the closed facility eyesore, they liked the quiet of the empty property. Of course, their fears were unfounded. The new owners set out to beautify the property and developed the site with a rare concern and attention to the environmental impact on all surrounding areas. They were good neighbors and helped the economy of the area. The city recognized their efforts.


Growth and expansion

With Peterson in the field as the lone sales professional and Knepp heading the internal operations and fabrications side of the business, their work began paying off. In 2008, they added another sales position and continued to expand the original site. They grew their support teams, product selections and sales efforts. Innovative racks, workstations, and even power stations for large manufacturing institutions were designed, built and installed. Jtec's reputation was growing amongst its clients and throughout the industry.


Introducing the CarryMore® Tugger Cart System

The growth cycle stayed steady until 2010 when Jtec's flagship product was born: The CarryMore® Tugger Cart System. This impressive mother/daughter cart tandem design would make its own reputation by reducing costs for users and improving delivery times to the lines and safety in the workplace. It continues today, in a continually evolving design, as the company's best-selling offering.


A second location, a third location and more...

In late 2013, Jtec purchased another 60,000 square foot manufacturing site about four miles from the original location. Within two years they were at capacity at both locations.


In early 2015, Jtec purchased another warehouse one block from their second location, an 80,000 square foot addition to accommodate growth expectations for the future. Today Jtec has more than 185,000 square feet of manufacturing space, has surpassed annual sales of $16 million and continues to grow at an impressive rate. As a local economic contributor, Jtec employs more than 100 individuals. Interestingly, not until 2015 had the company purchased any type of paid advertising, simply growing on the heels of its own product merits, personal sales efforts and earned reputation.


In 2016, Jtec began to expand its geographic boundaries more fully. K.Hartwall, a Finland-based company, was named as Jtec's Exclusive International Distributor Partner for the CarryMore Tugger Cart System. K.Hartwall will focus on sales outside of North America, expanding the products footprint to include metric sizes to handle international cargo and bulk box containers and materials.  Also in 2016, Jtec partnered with Crown's Warehouse Division to expand sales of the CarryMore products in North America. Crown has close to 300 sales team members, each being trained on the many benefits of the CarryMore products for use by their existing customers. 

first building before


2005 -- Original building before renovations


first building after


2006 -- Original building after Jtec renovations 


Original location expansion 2008 third building on property


2008 -- Third building expansion at original location -- 24,000 sq. ft.


Second location 2012


2013 -- Second Location and new Jtec Headquarters -- 60,000 sq. ft.


Third location 2015


2015 -- Third Location - 80,000 sq. ft.


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