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Here are some very rewarding comments we’ve recently received from among our many satisfied customers:


“We’ve realized 400 to 500 more drops to the line per day, that’s about a 30% increase in production, since we brought in the CarryMore® system. That’s with no additional people.”  

K.C., Daimler Corporation


"Remarkable product! Can't say enough about how you guys have supported us with changing our line side applications! From standard flatbeds to fully custom line side kits! Keeps us LEAN and very efficient!"



"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your support. You have a great product that my team and I support fully...(we) will be getting some high volume orders out to you ASAP. Thanks again."

D.N., Daimler Trucks 


"Thank You Jtec Team ...That is an exceptional looking rack. I know this was a particularly challenging design request and your team came through on all of the requirements. I appreciate all of the engineering and prototyping time spent in making it the best design you possibly could. Even the small hardware, like the acorn nuts and the E-clips (vs. cotter pins) on the lock handles, reflect in the attention to detail. I am excited to get this rack into use and hopefully eliminate the safety and quality concerns we have experienced with the current model. Thanks again for all your hard work and I look forward to the next one."

B.S., Caterpillar, Inc.


"Just to inform you that (staff from) Whirlpool will contact you soon in order to add you in the Whirlpool's database. We consider (J-tec as the) best option (for our)...project! Thanks!"

D. G-T., Whirlpool Corporation


Regarding Jtec completing the last of 44 truck shipments of almost 1750 custom racks for one customer:

"Please let your entire team know how much we appreciate the excellent work! You didn’t miss one shipment and there were no quality issues that I heard of. That is outstanding!!! The end customer is very pleased. I know that this took a lot of focus and hard work - and your team performed perfectly. Thanks again - we sincerely appreciate it."

M.S., SteelTech Partners, LLC


 "On behalf of our Materials Team, we would like to thank Jtec Industries for their support and help this past year with our (CarryMore) train/waterspider project. The project has successfully contributed to our cost-savings this year, and the waterspider gave us the ability to reduce our total number of hours worked by 30% in our MPH department. We are very excited to continue this project and relationship with you in 2016 and beyond. Everyone here absolutely loves the designs, efficiency and ergonomic features of our (CarryMore) train."

Schneider Electric


"Since we started using CarryMore, we've reduced our aisle traffic by 70%."

Schneider Electric


"Our CarryMore System has been in use for over 2 years with almost no problems. A few minor things but the equipment just works. A very good, simple design.”

N.V., John Deere 


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