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5 Facts You Don't Know About CarryMatic

CarryMatic-Blog-1 CarryMatic No-Touch Materials Movement System


1. CarryMatic integrates with your AGV for Hands-Free Delivery.


CarryMatic, our newest product line, is an automated material movement system that integrates with AGV tuggers to move materials from one location to another in a factory or warehouse. It is comprised of four basic components – smart carts, smart line stations, AGV hitch controls, and supervisory software. Once CarryMatic’s Smart Carts reach their destination during a delivery route, loads are moved by powered rollers onto Smart Line-Stations, meaning your employees never physically handle materials as they are loaded or unloaded from the carts. This system is designed to work with routine milk run routes or more complicated demand-driven dispatch routes.



2. CarryMatic's supervisory software coordinates all materials transfer. 


CarryMatic is run by a supervisory program our company designed to coordinate communication with all CarryMatic components but also integrate with AGVs and other factory equipment. This system uses sensor input from CarryMatic components to supply real-time information, keeping track of the status of each load and coordinating a safe transfer when an AGV arrives at the predetermined location.  CarryMatic is flexible enough that you can choose the routing system that works best for your facility, whether that is a pre-planned delivery route or a dispatch system. 



3. It was designed to help facilities utilize their existing AGV's.


While working with customers using our other cart products and AGVs, we quickly noticed a problem. It was easy to use an AGV tugger to pull our carts from location to location but, once it arrived, someone had to manually load or unload the materials. In fact, in some situations, the extra manual activities would not allow the customer to justify the investment in the AGV tugger. After observing this situation a few times, we set out to develop an automated cart system that would address these shortcomings. In this example, CarryMatic transports finished goods to and from existing lineside equipment (a shrink wrap machine), navigated by an AGV.  




4. The CarryMatic system supports Fork Free Initiatives.


We have been a leader in providing solutions to limit forklift traffic in facilities. Companies are spending thousands of dollars on direct and indirect costs with forklift-related incidents and ergonomic injuries when there is no reason for them. This system reduces aisle traffic and human interaction with materials, dramatically decreasing the chances of these injuries. This system also presents a solution to the challenges the manufacturing industry is facing during this transitional time. Facilities all over the country, the world even, are experiencing staffing problems because of labor shortages. Safety is also a big concern in the material handling business. CarryMatic fills that gap by enabling complete automation of material deliveries. 


5. We are not finished yet.

We are continuing to improve and enhance our existing products and how they improve a facility’s material flow. One project you can watch for is the implementation of our Smart Carts with our CarryMore system. We are constantly looking to the future of materials handling and we are determined to stay at the forefront of this revolution.


About Jtec Industries, Inc: Jtec Industries, founded in 2005, is a vertically integrated OEM in Central Illinois which designs and manufactures specialized industrial cart systems to move materials throughout facilities worldwide. Jtec’s award-winning solutions, including the CarryMore® Tugger Cart System and CarryMatic® No-Touch Materials Movement System, improve safety and efficiencies and lower operational costs for materials handling operations.

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Thursday, 23 January 2020

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