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J-tec receives Patent for "Elemate" mechanical loading system technology

J-tec receives final Patent Approval for its Elemate™ technology used on CarryMore® systems.


December 3, 2015 (East Peoria, Illinois) J-tec Industries, Inc., manufacturer and supplier of the CarryMore® Tugger Cart System and other material handling equipment, has announced that it has received final Patent Approval for its CarryMore® Tugger Cart System’s “Elemate™” technology. They will be demonstrating it at Modex in Atlanta in April, 2016 in booth #5027. CarryMore® Tugger Cart Systems are designed to carry parts and materials through manufacturing and assembly facilities from dock to storage and on down the line, replenishing supplies in real time. The CarryMore® system is replacing forklifts that are being used for those same delivery duties at many customer sites.


J-tec’s patented Elemate™ mechanical loading system technology replaces the need for hydraulics or pneumatics to lift Daughter Carts (also called Rider Carts) off of the ground completely as they are transported individually or in multi-cart trains of Mother Carts (the carrier, or mobile docking base). The entire train is pulled, or tugged, usually by a motorized tugger vehicle. The Elemate™ technology includes a gravity-assisted release feature for easy removal of each Daughter Cart from its matching Mother Cart. This one-of-a-kind feature is a welcome ergonomic advantage for CarryMore® operators and has earned J-tec praise.

“There are other cart systems in the industry, but none offer the CarryMore® and Elemate™ advantages,” stated Joe Knepp, J-tec vice-president and inventor of the Elemate™ technology. “Our CarryMore® Tugger Cart Systems’ Elemate™ technology is virtually maintenance free. Its mechanical loading system, with noise reduction enhancement, and ergonomic off-loading are proving to be game changers with our customers. Long-term cost savings, including those realized from safety considerations, quality construction, reduction in costs attributed to faster line replenishment rates and more are driving our growth these days. We planned for this. We are well positioned for growth and for meeting our customers’ LEAN operations and applicable Fork-Free solution expectations.”


Jon Peterson, J-tec president and founder added, “The Elemate™ patent is huge. Many Mother/Daughter cart systems carry daughter carts, like ours, with one key difference: Their daughter cart casters remain on the floor when transported, adding to excessive wear and tear, elevating noise levels and causing additional drag on the tugger vehicle. When they are carried on the floor, those daughter carts must only use swivel casters so they don’t drag sideways during turns. Consequently, when those carts are off-loaded, steering is more difficult to control, especially with heavy loads. That’s a safety concern. Other competitors utilize expensive hydraulic or pneumatic pressurized “lift” features to raise daughter carts and their loads off of the floor while they are transported. This adds to purchase costs, and increases the likelihood for ongoing maintenance expenses and pressure line failures. Over time, hydraulics tend to leak hydraulic fluid on facility floors, causing safety and maintenance concerns. Pneumatic systems can also leak air pressure. A faulty pressurized line can disable an entire train and paralyze a production line. Finally, these other lift systems require specialized, costly tugger vehicles which may pose geographical maintenance service constraints. Our Elemate™ technology is far superior. There really is no better system being used today which can help companies reach their applicable Fork Free reduction or elimination goals in a LEAN environment,” he concluded.


J-tec Industries, based in East Peoria, Illinois, is showcasing its CarryMore® Tugger Cart System featuring its “Elemate™” technology at MODEX in Atlanta in April of 2016, in Booth 5027. For more information, visit the new J-tec website at www.jtecindustries.com or call one of our National Sales Representatives at 309-698-9301.


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