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Optimitize Kitting with Jtec's All-In-One Kit Carts 

AIO Kit Cart

Jtec recognizes the importance of fitting our cart solutions to your kitting and picking needs. We've developed dozens of different kit carts and many options to configure each of those. Here are just a few of our most popular kit carts.


Gen2 All-in-One Kit Carts

Our Gen2 All-in-One Kit Cart is amazing in its configurable options. We took the toughest man-up picking kit cart on the market (ours!) and made it 39% lighter, more modular, with increased flexibility to adjust or add shelves, attachments and outer wall coverings. We did all this without sacrificing the rugged strength you came to love in our Gen1 model. It is still an ergonomic pleasure for push and pull efforts, and it is still one of the best values on the market.

Let your imagination guide your designs. Our half-and-half set-up versions can have shelves on one side and vertical parts holders like flippers or spindles on the other. Add full shelves - one can be installed every two inches with our newest version. Some shelves can be installed with quick-release pins, and those shelves can even be angled for easier access. Shelves may be installed so that they can be lifted up vertically for fully open carts for larger parts, easily hoisted up without interference from the upper shelves. Some carts could be full shelves (upper section) and empty for larger parts or boxes on the bottom. Spacing of flippers and spindles can be easily adjusted. As we said, fully customizable. This is one of our top sellers and it can be used as a forkable cart alone or incorporated into the CarryMore® Tugger Cart System.


with shelves...

On shelf carts, full size shelves can be fixed, removable or raised and lowered using pneumatic lift arms to move them up out of the way.


with drawers...

We've made thousands of multi-drawer kit carts using HDPE drawer units that slide out one at a time. 


with doors, sides, tops and more...

Configure virtually ANY Kit Cart with Plexiglass sides, tops, doors, etc. Use wire mesh panels to secure content movement on all sides. Even netting has been used. We'll work with you to build these to your specifications.

AIO Kit Cart Gen 2

10086 aio kit cart 3

NEW!  Gen2 All-in-One Kit Carts - fully modular!


901 816 with AIO kit carts

All-in-One Kit Carts aboard a TQDA-40 Dual Mother Cart


All in One collage3



drawer kit cart

 Multi-drawer Custom Kit Cart with Rear Extension



 Six-Drawer Kit Cart Fully Enclosed


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