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The original center-steer version of the CarryMore® Tugger Cart System, named the TA-20, is still one of our best-sellers today. This loadable mother cart holds an almost endless variety of daughter carts ranging from tube rack carts to over/under carts, to kitting carts, to flatbed carts, and more.


The TA-20 was built to handle several sizes of daughter carts, including our popular Kit Carts; a 34" x 40" cart that can easily load an industry standard 30" x 32" knock-down container;  a 50" x 50" flatbed cart that is usually loaded with a 40" x 48" container or pallet and more. There are many other cart options for this series but you can discuss those needs for your use with your J-tec sales representative.


The load capacity for these efficient mother carts, including daughter cart weight, is 2000 lbs. The center-steer fork and tongue design allows for multiple carts to be trailed together, with five being a common number for a very manageable length to trail through your factory. Each unit trailed is designed to safely and efficiently carry one of our self-unloading custom daughter cart designs.


The steering of the TA-20 is aided by a unique fore and aft and dual center caster design. This alignment enables load stability in turns and easily follows the tugger’s path with minimal drift. The roll of each cart is even and smooth.





THA-20 Dual-side Loading and Unloading Center-Steer Mother Cart


Jtec has developed this impressive Mother Cart that can be loaded or unloaded from either side of the cart. New Elemate 2.0 Technology allows its Daughter Cart (up to 54" x 54") to lift off of the floor when transported, much like our other CarryMore® models, but while allowing dual-side use.  Just look at this beautiful design! 

 901 1313 Cover


picture 1

Note: This cart requires floors that are level as it has 1/2" of floor clearance.  

CarryMore five cart in warehouse 


CarryMore® Center-Steer Tugger Carts in factory


TA 15 quarter

Standard CarryMore® TA-20 Center-Steer Model


TA train in warehouse


Five-piece TA-20 train ready to load on daughter carts


TA train in warehouse filled


Ready for replenishment -- heading out to fill daughter carts


Full Train LR


THA-20 Dual-Loading Mother Cart ready for its Daughter Cart


Full Train 2 LR


THA-20 with Small Flatbed Daughter Cart Loaded in train.





The CarryMore® Center-Steer Mother Carts are available in many sizes. Call us to see if one of our standard models will work for you.


Take a look at the CarryMore® Center-Steer and its many models of workhorse daughter carts.


carrymore see it action


The CarryMore® Center-Steer is a proven asset in any materials handling situation. Check it out.

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