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At Jtec, we know Flatbeds.


Over the years our CarryMore® Flatbed Daughter Carts have steadily flown off the shelves. They are such versatile, heavy-duty carts

it's easy to understand why. Our 50" x 50" Flatbeds are our top seller in this category, by far. They are workhorses! 



CarryMax Heavy Duty 3shots

New Jtec CarryMax™ Heavy-Duty Quad-Steer Carts (see details, Industrial Carts)



Check out this picture of HUNDREDS of our Flatbed Carts being used with Bulk Box Containers in this factory. Here, everything is mobile.

flatbeds 50x50 with bulkboxes


50" x 50" Flatbed Carts


50x50 flatbed blue on mother


Our 50" x 50" Flatbeds are built to take a beating. With solid steel decks and side plate retainers, they match up perfectly with large bulk box

containers. These are also available with a turntable feature with a retractable handle for easy operation, shown here:


Turntable Flatbed




The CarryMore® Tight Aisle Turntable Cart is best when restricted aisle space limits operator unloading and loading with handle facing out.


Tight Aisle Turntable Handle Clutch  Tight Aisle Turntable Cart position 2  Tight Aisle Turntable Cart position 3  Tight Aisle Turntable Cart position final


Many size options and features:

 50" x 80" Flatbed Carts are used where loads are bigger or multiple containers are used at once.


50x80 1


Here's our Multi-Directional 50" x 80" Flatbed. Simply by depressing a handle clutch, the operator can maneuver in any direction, quickly, 

without rolling in the direction to swivel the cart.


908 919


Dual Flatbed Container Carts:


CarryMore dual with rider and bulkboxes    


34" x 40" Turntable Rider Cart:


34x40 Turntable Rider Cart


Multiple other Flatbed Cart versions are available.  Here's a few examples:


8716  8730 1  RS carrymore




Contact your Jtec Sales Representative today to learn more about our impressive line of Flatbed Daughter Carts.

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