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Getting materials to your line when you need them; that's what our custom CarryMore® daughter carts are designed to do. Easily. Ergonomically. Eliminating the need for many of your fork truck deliveries throughout your facility. That means increased safety. And LEAN manufacturing procedures.


From kit carts to bulk box holders; flatbeds to turntables; dumpers to hose rack carts and more, our designs have garnered rave reviews across our customer base. And our engineers are ready to design your special carts -- we can prototype your request for you to try on-site, then build your desired end product.


All our carts can be designed to fit on our CarryMore® mother carts as a part of our CarryMore® Tugger Cart Systems. This carefully choreographed chain of carts can carry most anything, up to 4000 lbs., per cart. Talk to us today about your needs, your dreams for delivering your products to your points of delivery at your facilities. 


You can also take advantage of our already engineered solutions - tried and true - for faster order fulfillment. You'll find a world of solutions exist through our experience with other customers like you.  


Contact us today.  Your Jtec Sales Representative will work with you to learn more and to discuss your custom needs.





Watch as this worker unloads and loads two custom CarryMore® Daughter Carts from the CarryMore® train of carts. Look in our photo gallery at the top of the page for more cart photos.


All in One collage3 


Dumpster Cart


Jtec Dumpster Cart


jm train.110


Over and Under Cart with bulk box loads and Turntable Cart on Center-Steer CarryMore®




Multi-Drawer Kit Cart (shown here with shelves and fully enclosed)



carrymore qd.22


50" x 80" flatbed, shown with a Quad-Steer "E" size CarryMore® Mother Cart.


CarryMore Scissor Lift


CarryMore Scissor Lift Cart




Dolly Cart to hold stackable racks, with CarryMore® retractable "Wings"


carrymore daughter carts - kit carts


Jtec's Kit Carts are almost limitless in configuration and can hold up to 4000 lbs. of materials per cart.

carrymore flatbed carts


Our flat bed carts are built to last and can be configured with 4-way steering for easy control when pushing or pulling.


carrymore under over carts


Check out our impressive Over and Under Carts for line-side ease of loading and unloading.


Jtec Logo 4C

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