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When you can't double the space, we give you double the cart.

Our Over/Under carts add a great deal of efficiency to your picking and parts replenishment operations.


Use this perfect pair independently or together. As one multi-cart, both levels can hold items for the line, ergonomically positioned for easy picking and parts retrieval. Bulk boxes are ideal when placed on either cart. The Under Cart can be pushed "through" the Over Cart partially or fully for easy reaching and rolling to separate locations once they are delivered to your destination. When used together, the Under Cart locks into place for perfect alignment.


Ergonomically, the Over Cart can be purchased with a tilt feature that positions items at the higher level at easier reach and view, especially using a drop-side bulk box.


Our Jtec Sales Representatives can demonstrate the many uses of this versatile Over/Under Cart. Call us today!


Over and Under Carts on carrymore


Over and Under Cart (left) and Under Cart (right) shown loaded on the CarryMore® Tugger Cart System


Over and Under Carts w tilt


Over and Under Cart with top tilt option for ergonomic picking


Over and Under Carts color on carrymore


Over and Under Cart (left) shown with bulk boxes on a CarryMore® Mother Cart


Jtec Logo 4C

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