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New Bi-Directional Steering Control System:

Jtec has developed a NEW, ergonomic Bi-Directional Steering Control System which allows a cart or trailer to be pushed or pulled in perpendicular directions with at least one “rigid” caster always facing in the direction desired.


Carts and trailers are fast replacing fork trucks for material deliveries throughout facilities. For carts to work efficiently, they need to maneuver with ease and without ergonomic strain to their operators. Today, any cart can be fitted with all swivel casters, allowing it to be pushed or pulled in any direction. However, cart control is compromised, ergonomic strains are common and, with added weight on board, a cart with all swivel casters becomes uncontrollable and unsafe for operators. In addition, carts or trailers with all swivel casters cannot be tugged due to uncontrolled drift and movement behind a tugger. Ideally, carts would have a minimum of one rigid caster locked in the direction of travel. Trailers would have a minimum of two rigid casters in the direction being pulled. That has now been accomplished.


This new system can be used with many carts and trailers. It allows complete operator control of a cart when manually pushing it through a facility, and easily allows the operator to switch travel direction forward or sideways, with one quick turn of a waist-high handle. This is necessary for maintaining operator control while a cart or trailer is pushed or pulled in different directions. This is a substantial improvement, especially involving ergonomic considerations, to existing devices used in many industries.


Jtec’s new steering system is composed of an ergonomically located handle that controls a bell crank and ultimately a pivoting rigid caster, each of which is connected via adjustable length tie-rods (allowing for an infinite length and width of carts/trailers). On cart applications, one caster is controlled with the handle. On trailers, however, two casters are impacted by this system; one caster is controlled with the handle, while a second is locked into position once the cart is being towed. Jtec has rated its Bi-Directional Steering Control System for carts to handle up to 4,000 lb. loads. It typically takes at least 40 lbs. on a cart or trailer deck to operate effectively. Trailer applications have been tested up to 5000 lbs. 


With floor space in facilities a valuable commodity, tight aisle widths are served well with this Jtec system. It allows for longer or wider carts with improved mobility in all directions to be used. For instance, when a long trailer is pulled down an aisle to a desired destination in a facility, a simple turn of a handle allows it to be pushed straight into its desired position, where it otherwise could not be maneuvered due to aisle width limitations. It is a needed and very welcome solution to materials movement needs in many industries.



Jtec Industries' MoveMore-40

Our new MoveMore-40 is designed specifically to push or pull heavy carts easily, with no ergonomic stress.  This walker can push or pull carts up to 4,000 lbs. We can design a front end to fit your carts. Standard setup is for CarryMore® carts.  We also have a caboose cart designed to carry this unit throughout your locations. See it in CarryMore® Accessories, Parts and Services section of this website.

Move More Ty

See it in action here: https://vimeo.com/243732567


MoveMore-40 Heavy Cart Mover Carrying Caboose 

 Caboose 1 Caboose 3

 Caboose secured 4

MoveMore - 40 Caboose Cart (to safely transport MoveMore-40 in a train)



Parts and Service:

Our products are built with expandability and service needs in mind. Our CarryMore® systems are upgradeable and serviceable. We build our mother and daughter carts with the top grade industry steel available. Our paint is applied with meticulous care. Casters used on these models are selected for the use required and we spare no expense providing you with the best. On occasion, and with extended use, sometimes cart parts become damaged or experience wear and need to be replaced. Rest assured that you can get those replacement parts quickly through J-tec. 



To Request Parts or Report a Problem:

Contact Jtec right now! Our experienced Sales Representatives can usually identify any solution you may need from your description of the situation. With their experience and product knowledge they can get your replacement parts or service tag ordered so you can be up and running in no time. You can also call our offices during regular business hours, M-F from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at (309) 698-9301.

New Bi-Directional Steering Control System

pulls out 2

Operator pulls cart out of Mother Cart -- all wheels are facing operator.


Grabs bar to turn wheels 

Operator grabs bi-directional steering handle to turn and lock front right caster in new desired direction.


wheel is locked

Notice front right caster is now locked in desired direction for next action by operator.


J tec Bi Directional Cart Steering Control 2

Operator goes to end of cart and begins pushing in new direction. Other casters swivel in new direction, as well.




Other Items: 

Some of our popular CarryMore® Accessories are shown here. There are more for you to consider. Contact your Jtec Sales Representative for other options!

CarryMore tongue and brake

 CarryMore® Tongue and Floor Lock Option (also sold separately)


800 145

 Jtec's "Alumalock" Brake


9152 2

 Jtec custom 2" ball hitch with pintle hitch adapter



 Replacement Casters


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