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Worry Less with CarryMore Quad-Steer Control

Jtec’s newest and perhaps most impressive product is the quad-steer CarryMore® Tugger Cart System. This series of cart is called the TQ series, with the TQA model our standard and fastest selling cart in our lineup. Essentially, it’s the TA-20 supercharged, with increased steering and load capacities.


The TQA utilizes an engineering steering algorithm developed by Jtec engineers. This quad-steer Tight-Turn Technology™ enables each quad-steer cart to perfectly follow the tugger through its route on the floor, in both straight tows and around tight corners. This is critical for safety because it enables the tugger operator to concentrate on what lies ahead on the route and not be distracted by constantly checking the follow pattern of his carts. It allows usage in tighter constraints and even allows for complete U-turns in surprisingly limited space at the end of a line or aisle, if needed.

 tigh turn technology

Click here to see a CarryMore® Quad-Steer train navigate a tight plant floor with FIVE carts AND perform a U-turn in an almost impossible space!


The load capacity for these carts is amazing, at 4000 lbs. per cart. Once again, the frames are constructed of the top grade steel in the industry, and the casters are selected to carry the loads expected. The caster pattern under these carts positions the casters equally in the front and rear of each cart, with two on both ends. This enhances continuous load balance and each caster is connected by quad steering rods under the frame. Casters are available in various widths and sizes to accommodate the particular need of the customer.

Quad steering shown2


TQA 40 quarter

CarryMore® TQA-40 Quad-Steer Mother Cart


Quad steer dual w 2 riders

carrymore quad steer


Our CarryMore® Quad-Steer models are available in many sizes to perfectly match your materials transportation needs. Each with 4000 lb. capacity!

carrymore quad steer middle


Take a look at the CarryMore® Quad-Steer loaded with our impressive daughter carts. 

carrymore tugger system | See it in Action


You won't believe how this cart handles, especially considering it can carry 4000 lbs. per cart!

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