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Removing Fork Trucks on the Line is Now Imperative.

If you are still like MANY manufacturing and assembly operations, you are still using some fork trucks to deliver materials from your docks, company store or supermarket to replenish line needs, sometimes long distances apart. Consider manpower costs, safety exposures and productivity rates with one operator delivering one pallet or container of goods to one spot in your facility. That's just the start. Liability issues are expediting this need, fast outpacing cost and productivity limitations. Statistics show that forklift traffic incidents continue to be the NUMBER ONE safety risk at most sites. Visibility and maneuvering limitations from bulky loads and trucks can lead to accidents involving workers, equipment, storage racks and other materials in the path of these vehicles. Backing up, lifting items off of the pallets and more in heavily trafficed areas adds risk once items are delivered.


Efficiency Comparison: Using CarryMore® carts vs. Forklift trucks to deliver materials:


                CarryMore Illustration 03



 Your old Fork Truck delivery method is no longer justified. You should be using a Tugger Cart System.


    Tug itCarryMore five cart in warehouse


The Jtec CarryMore® Tugger Cart System has proven to be many times more cost effective and useful than forklift deliveries in customers' locations who have implemented it. One operator can deliver multiple full pallets or container loads; full kitting carts ready for assembly use; separated hoses and specialty parts to the line where needed; all in ONE trip. Savvy users are calculating delivery replenishment times at each stop and scheduling carts -- often pulled in one safe, directional path through the facility, to arrive exactly when needed. Over and over again. It's really what LEAN manufacturing is all about. 


Don't take our word for it -- see what our customers say

We have testimonials indicating 30% improvements in delivery times, with NO manpower increases. In fact, many locations have repurposed fork truck operators to other needed areas of their facilities so they could retain their workforce experience. We have hundreds of examples of significant improvements in operations with our system. Talk to one of our experienced Jtec Sales Team members about your current operations. We'll show you how you can reduce or remove all your fork trucks from the line. Better yet, we'll schedule a visit together to a facility near you where our CarryMore® products are used so you can talk to them about their Fork Free journey and see the results for yourself.


We'll help you on this journey.

We realize that eliminating your "old" systems and replacing them with new solutions can be stressful. There is an investment required -- your time to plan the switch and purchasing the new tugger equipment. But when you study the cost savings, increased productivity and improved safety risks for your locations, it's obvious that the time to push ahead with change is NOW.


Look through this website and Contact us TODAY! You'll kick yourself for not starting your Fork Free journey earlier.  



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