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Racks and Returnable Packaging

J-tec Industries specializes in shipping racks that are custom-made with careful consideration of ergonomics, stackability, collapsibility, part-orientation, part-protection and trailer cube-maximization. Like many of our carts, we have several proven designs that are already fully engineered and ready to manufacture.


We've loaded dozens of shots of racks we've produced in our Photo Gallery -- check it out.


LEAN on us to design and manufacture your racks for components of all sizes ranging from small gears to construction equipment chassis.


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Rack with red covers


rack long with yellow parts


red rack


rack with dunnage

material handling equipment commonly used racks

Commonly Used Racks

"A rack is a rack" is not in our vocabulary at J-tec. We've produced some of the best ever...look!


material handling equipment finish coat options


J-tec offers custom paint and poly suface coating for all its products.

material handling equipment dunnage


Our custom racks protect your valuable parts even better when proper dunnage is used.


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