Social Distance and Material Movement

July 27, 2020
Posted in Industry
July 27, 2020 Boyd King

Safe Practices in a Pandemic

With all the changes forced upon us due to the Covid19 Pandemic,  a proven lean “Best Practice”  that has always provided benefits of improved safety, efficiency, and an increased bottom line can now also provide benefits related to the challenges COVID, specifically trying to balance social distance with productivity. Whether it is manual or autonomous, tugging works hand-in-hand with the new requirements presented due to the virus.
  • Fewer trips through the facilities vs. forklifts = less contact and interaction between employees. Not to mention the efficiency factors of moving multiple loads at once vs. one at a time.  Check out this blog if you are interested in seeing more benefits to tugger carts vs forklifts.
  • Improved Social Distancing vs. traditional material movement efforts by the way of delivering or picking up product from a designated area a safe and efficient distance from the point of use or destination.
  • The ability to repurpose employees to direct labor positions due to labor reduction related to parts delivery. Fewer employees in an area equal less opportunity for virus transmissions. Easier to control social distance requirements.
These new practices and requirements forced upon us can be difficult to adjust, especially when trying to maintain your productivity.  So, why not take full advantage of a practice that not only answers some of those concerns but also allows us to improve our processes long term.  These initial investments can help the bottom line and strengthens your position, both now and as you work to overcome the current situation.

Autonomous Solutions

The trend of Autonomous Material Movement adds an even additional layer of safety by totally removing the employee interaction to deliver or pick up parts in your facilities.  Not to mention also addressed the one concerns related to the difficulties we are sure to encounter with having the necessary manpower when and where we need it.  The product can be picked up and delivered to a specific destination with your facilities totally “Hands-Free” safely and on time.  Safety isn’t just ergonomics and accidents any longer, it is also Social Distancing!

Final Word

We have all had to adapt and change how we conduct business since this pandemic started. I believe the world has had to learn a hard lesson quickly on how to conduct our daily business, run companies, and cope with the changes thrust upon them. I predict many of these practices that will most likely be carried past our current state… so why not take the opportunity to change and improve your material delivery methods that turn short-term social distance and health benefits into long-term gains.