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Jtec Industries recognizes modifying existing carts and racks can be an economic solution for our customers. Our engineers can develop the lowest cost solution to convert your racks or carts to accommodate new products.


Contact Jtec today. We'll have you work with our experienced and creative field sales team members before considering other solutions.


Case Study:

Follow the pictures at the right. Jtec received a request to build shipping racks for one of our customers. We knew their old racks were too big for the parts for shipping. We took their old racks and repurposed them for the new, smaller racks, at significantly reduced cost to the customer. Jtec made several of these modifications for this customer after the initial prototype was approved.


This is just one example of many showcasing our talent for understanding the needs of the customer, designing cost-effective solutions, and delivering at a level above expectation.


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B6 Top Cover Rack During Modification 001


Used rack we received to repurpose


B6 Top Cover Rack During Modification 002


First step -- cut used rack in half


B6 Top Cover Rack Proto 001


Produced prototype for client to approve (with inserts to hold parts)


After 2


Finished new rack for client at significantly reduced cost!


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