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Engineering 2018

Front row, left-to-right: Chris Camp, Nick Kaiser, Chad Terviel, Nic Cochran, Tony Meinhold, Ryan Greiner and Sam Steiner.

Back row, left-to-right: Ty Harbourn, Kris Buckert, Joe Knepp, Ryan Baker, Jeremy Farlin, Zac Sorensen and Ryan Merritt.


Jtec attracts and employs some of the most creative and technically skilled minds for its design, engineering and field tech teams. Currently, 15 Jtec team members work together on these teams to develop and create the most cost effective solution for our customers. These 15 individuals bring hundreds of years of manufacturing and engineering experience to the company. They listen to and assess customer needs from many perspectives, then set out to provide solutions that not only meet those needs, but exceed them. That “sizzle,” that one feature or “look,” can help our products stand out from our competition in function AND form.


“We’re presented with a lot of exciting opportunities in engineering,” said Joe Knepp, Jtec’s vice president and head of that team. “We have the right team to run with those challenges. We want to design the best overall solutions for our customers and “wow” them with our designs and prototypes, and then go the extra mile to make our end products visually appealing, as well. We accomplish that through paint colors, accessories, improved functionality; a lot of ways. Even our on-site Field Technician wows our customers. Those sometimes simple touches help us sell. That attention to detail makes us stand out.”


When provided, all designs are created to the exact specifications needed using Pro Engineer 3D design software. When innovative solutions are needed, the Jtec team has proven to meet the challenge with unique, creative solutions for projects. There’s no doubt that function is critical. So is cost. As well as quality. Jtec engineers must consider all aspects of each request, and deliver. Based on increased sales from existing customer referrals, they are succeeding. And when they get an opportunity to design NEW products, they excel. Give us a challenge and let our seasoned team craft the perfect answer to your needs.


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