5 Facts You DON’T Know About CarryMatic

September 15, 2020
Posted in Industry, Tech
September 15, 2020 Boyd King

5 Facts About CarryMatic Power Conveyor Tugger Cart System

The CarryMatic autonomous transfer cart system works as a series of components that includes carts, stations, and supervisor software to complete autonomous material transfers. Many people are unfamiliar with autonomous transfer systems and their plants and facilities are not operating at the capacity they could be. Our goal is to help clear up any points of confusion.

1. Integrates With Your AGV

Our CarryMatic system is compatible with almost any AGV in the market by way of a hitch control mounted in the back and integrated with AGV.

2. Integrates With Your Existing Lineside Equipment

Our CarryMatic system is able to integrate with your existing conveyors, stretch wrappers, and stations.

3. Customizable For Your Capacity Needs

We understand the importance of weight capacity when dealing with autonomous transfers, that’s why we can accommodate various footprints with loads up to 10,000lb.

4. Complete Autonomous System

Not just a powered roller cart, this is a system with powered roller carts, line side stations, integration with existing equipment, on-site support, and service for a complete autonomous material transfer solution.

5. Designated Installation Team

Jtec has a dedicated installation team that partners with your key team members to assist in getting the system running.

Final Word On Autonomous Transfer Cart System

Let us help you take your plant logistics to the next level. Autonomous transfer cart systems are the future of logistics. As different industries become more autonomous, you’ll need to implement and improve your own systems to stay competitive. Let the gained efficiencies and improved practices start showing up on your bottom line by creating a safer and more streamlined approach to part delivery. Improve your working conditions by reducing or eliminating ForkLift traffic on your plant or warehouse floors safely and more efficiently than ever.  Work smarter……. not harder.