Bi-Directional Daughter Carts

December 2, 2020
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December 2, 2020 Dan Gannaway

Jtec Industries Bi-Directional Daughter Carts

If you find yourself with the dilemma of reduced aisle space and see the difficulty in maneuvering a standard center steer or rear steer cart in a given area, fear not!  Jtec’s bi-directional daughter carts is meant for this situation.  Whether you need a bi-directional daughter cart or a tongue and hitch cart, we have the solution.

How It Works

The secret sauce is in the design of the linkages under the cart.  Three swivel casters and one rigid caster connect to those linkages, and allow it to manually turn with a hand lever.  This lever action turns the rigid caster in the direction that intends to push or tug the cart.  With a turn of the lever, the direction of the cart changes on a dime!  What’s more, as the cart travels to its desired location, it has complete steerability.  Without bi-directional capability, the cart requires aisle or floor space to maneuver.

With a tongue and hitch mechanical bi-directional daughter cart, the cart disengages from the train by turning the lever. By turning the level, the rigid caster is oriented and the cart is pushed perpendicular from the train, straight into the work cell.


Additional Information

Similarly, the mechanical bi-directional daughter cart has the same capability as a simple turn of the lever.  Once the daughter cart disengages from the mother cart, the operator chooses the direction of travel instantly.  Anywhere in the plant where there is not sufficient space to maneuver a standard rear steer or center steer cart is an open game for the bi-directional capabilities Jtec Industries offers.

Jtec Industries’ mechanical bi-directional daughter cart in almost any size desired.  This is a custom cart that is designed to meet your particular specifications! To see more information about our Daughter Carts, check us out here.

See the Bi-Directional in action Click Here 



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