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CarryLite Light Duty, Towable Tongue and Hitch Carts



Our light-duty towable carts are called our CarryLite® series of trailers, designed to carry up to 3000 lbs. of cargo. This push-or-pull series can be tugged in a train, or pushed with an ergonomic handle individually to a location in your facility. CarryLite® can be constructed in a Four-Wheel or Six-Wheel configuration, Center-Steer or Caster-Steer, your choice! It's an excellent small trailer/cart and priced right!


See them in action here:

CarryLite train in action!


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4-wheel Caster-Steer model, shown with flip-up tongue and floor lock combo.


10755 1


Six-Wheel Center-Steer model


10701 1


Smaller Four-Wheel Caster-Steer model, shown with J-tec Alligator Hitch.


These CarryLite trailers can come in any size, but the most popular, standard sizes are 30" x 32" and 50" x 50".





Custom Equipment



Jtec Industries' MoveMore-40


Our new MoveMore-40 is designed specifically to push or pull heavy carts easily, with no ergonomic stress.  This walker can push or pull carts up to 4,000 lbs. We can design a front end to fit your carts. Standard setup is for CarryMore® carts.  We also have a caboose cart designed to carry this unit throughout your locations. See it in CarryMore® Accessories, Parts and Services section of this website.


Move More Ty


See it in action here: 


We've worked with many companies to develop specialized workstations, power stations, ladders, rigs, floor locks and more. Let's meet to discuss your needs and then watch us exceed your expectations!



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