CarryMatic Applications

September 14, 2021
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September 14, 2021 Boyd King
CarryMatic is our newest and most innovative product line. This automated material movement system consists of powered roller carts, line-side transfer stations, proprietary supervisor software, along with hitch & station controls. Additionally, we offer single-bay carts that provide tight aisle access while dual-bay carts maximize payloads. We can build this system to meet any configuration based upon your package weight and footprint. Cart trains are pulled by an unmanned AGV throughout facilities, automatically transferring cargo on and off carts and stations at designated locations. This plug-n-play system works with any brand of AGV tugger and can be easily integrated with a facility’s existing system. This is a hands-free solution that eliminates fork truck usage for deliveries. Routes are pre-programmed through the CarryMatic software, which communicates with the AGV. Highly visible stack lights on each cart and station indicate all material transfer activity. AGV’s or mobile robots are used to pull carts with no operators. The AGV drives a pre-determined route with a train of carts and transfers materials via powered rollers at appropriate locations. Furthermore, the CarryMatic software communicates with the AGV supervisor and other auxiliary control to facilitate proper transfers. CarryMatic systems eliminate common ergonomic safety risks often associated with lifting and bending. Additionally, this system ensures accurate and timely deliveries of materials to appropriate locations, on schedule, maximizing productivity and lineside space. CarryMatics application is incredibly versatile. From inbound receiving, supermarket delivery, or lineside delivery, picking up packing dunnage, dropping off and picking up from pack stations, finished good removal, dropping off at shipping docks and warehouses, and more. Automation is the future, get ahead of the curve and contact Jtec to find solutions for your distribution center, server farm, warehouse, or any other facility.


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