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Material Handling Product News (MHPN) magazine, the top product review magzine in the industry, has named CarryMatic® No-Touch Material Handling System as Product of the Year for 2018! 




This voter's choice award "honors the achievements of companies for advances in materials handling systems and eqipment within manufacturing, distrubtion centers and warehouses" and is the second consecutive Product of the Year award won by Jtec Industries.  Material Handling Product News magazine named Jtec's CarryMore All-In-One Kit Carts as Product of the Year in 2017 while it's CarryMore® Tugger Cart System was honorably mentioned as Product of the Year in 2016. Just like our new tagline, In Motion, Jtec is constantly in motion towards new and improved products and processes to further reach your goals of achieving "Fork Free" materials movement systems.

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First introduced at Modex 2018, CarryMatic® has been making waves in the materials handling world as a complete automated material transfer system. Using Wi-Fi controlled smart carts and line transfer stations, CarryMatic® allows you to use your existing tugger manually OR unmanned with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). Used with an AGV, your materials movement system is now completely hands-free with improved efficiency and reduced safety risks. 


Watch our video below so you can see for yourself why CarryMatic® recieved its designation as MHPN's 2018 Product of the Year.



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About Jtec Industries: Jtec Industries designs and manufactures Material Handling Industrial Carts and accessories, including the award-winning CarryMatic® No-Touch Materials Movement System and CarryMore® Mother/Daughter Tugger Cart System, to move materials throughout manufacturing and distribution facilities world-wide. CarryMatic's automated system of smart carts and line transfer stations allows for a completely "hands-free" materials movement customized to fit your needs. CarryMore's patented Elemate technology allows for Daughter Carts to be mechanically loaded and unloaded from separate Mother Cart carriers, ergonomically, without expensive hydraulics or pneumatics. Varying-length Mother Cart trains carry Daughter Carts throughout facilities to replenish lines, keeping Daughter Cart casters off the floor when towed, eliminating noise and caster wear expense. Jtec’s quad-steer carts track precisely, accommodating tight-aisle use. In addition, Jtec’s Heavy-Duty CarryMax® Trailers can carry up-to 30K lbs. loads while it's CarryLite line of towable handcarts are designed for loads up to 3,000 lbs.

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