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Jtec's CarryMore Tugger Cart System.


The premier material handling cart system in the industry today. 

Smarter Choices

Our advanced engineering and fabrication has resulted in a durable, efficient and ergonomically desired mother/daughter cart system, affordable and completely load-customized for part transportation needs. The CarryMore® utilizes a patented and totally unique Elemate™ lift technology, which lifts the rider cart (or daughter cart) completely off of the floor when loaded and transported. In other words, NO hydraulics or pneumatics are needed with the CarryMore® system. This feature alone eliminates the unsafe and eventually expected hydraulic fluid spills and pneumatic breakdowns common with other cart systems on the market.


Ergonomically Safer

Daughter Carts are easily pushed onto the mother carts, aided by cam followers which assist with guiding the wings into the carry receptors of the mother cart. It is, impressively, even easier to unload with our ergonomic assist roll-off design, eliminating the need to ever pull a daughter cart off of a mother cart. We’ve listened to customer concerns about back injuries and have designed our CarryMore® systems to be leaders in safety considerations. Made with the highest grade steel and casters available today, the CarryMore® lives up to its name with impressive load capacities, easy push-on and roll-off features and endless uses. The CarryMore® is available with both center-steer and quad-steer technology.



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 Elemate Photo with inserts tall


full factory floor of carrymore


Look at this completely full factory floor with our CarryMore® products! No materials are on the floor. Everything is in transition in REAL time. That's LEAN manufacturing.


boyd shot of carts in factory2



Jtec CarryMore Mother/Daughter Tugger Cart System from Jtec Industries, Inc. on Vimeo.


Our premier product at Jtec is the CarryMore® Tugger Cart System, offered in various sizes and steering options. Watch here as the CarryMore® perfectly follows a tugger through a tight industrial space.

Product Information

carrymore center steer


The original CarryMore® Tugger Cart series with center pull tongue and hitch train connectors and a 2000 - lb. carrying capacity.


carrymore quad steer


J-tec's newest series of CarryMore® Tugger Carts with quad-steer Tight Turn Technology™ and 4000 - lb. carrying capacity atop each cart.

carrymore custom daughter carts


Check out our almost unlimited varieties of customized daughter carts including kit carts, flatbeds, dumpers and much more.

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