Transporting Data Servers

June 27, 2022
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June 27, 2022 Ty Overcash

Dangers of Data Servers

According to the National Safety Council, more than 100,000,000 production days are lost each year due to work injuries. In the Data Center Industry, this is a frequent occurrence when trying to move heavy servers. The average server is 7 feet tall and can weigh up to 3,500 lbs. Common injuries include sprains, tears, cuts, lacerations, or punctures. Relying on ratchet straps and a pull dolly is not the safest way to move a data server. Jtec’s server cart is the solution to transporting data servers.

Data Server Carts

Our CarryMatic Server Cart is the perfect solution designed specifically for transporting servers in tight spaces. Our unique carts can transfer 2 servers simultaneously, cutting costs and improving efficiency. Some of our current customers have experienced DOUBLE the number of transfers every week! They have also reported no accidents associated with the carts. 

Servers are pushed into the cart and then lifted using an electric mechanism to raise the servers 1″ inch off of the ground. Our patented electric lift helps to eliminate the chance of a hydraulic oil spill. Our carts also use 2 safety laser scanners and 4 emergency stop buttons. The load presence sensors ensure that the autonomous AGV will not pull away until the servers are securely locked into place before transport. This ensures that each transfer is completed as safely as possible and provides the operator with multiple safety buffers. 

The data server cart has 2 individual steering motors to control the front and back, which run independently of each other. This allows for the carts to be pulled in either direction. The unique feature helps to eliminate U-Turns in tight spaces by simply switching the tongue from one side to the other. With 4 casters and 2 center ‘helper’ casters located in the middle, the cart’s design ensures that wheels stay on the ground during transport. Reducing caster flutter and noise and eliminating any chance of tipping.

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