Four Benefits of Material Handling Carts

May 20, 2021
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May 20, 2021 Ty Overcash

Four Benefits of Material Handling Carts

Every facility’s workflow is different. Some require equipment such as tilt tables, conveyors, and pallet positioners which can help to reduce costs and improve efficiency. But the equipment that is most commonly found throughout facilities is material handling carts. Material handling carts can provide tremendous value no matter what parts or components are being transferred and moved within your facility. Below are four benefits of using carts and why you should consider implementing them in your operation.

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Streamline Workflow

One way in which material handling carts can provide value is by helping you to streamline your workflow. Forklifts are a common way to move material within a facility but it can be difficult to map material movement. Mapping carts within a facility helps to decrease traffic intensity, eliminate re-routing, and remove staging congestion. Carts can eliminate forklifts making the movement of material much more efficient and safer while assuring that everything is where it should be when it should be. Some carts can transport loads up to 20,000 lbs, significantly reducing the number of routes per day.

Better Customer Service

Another benefit that you’ll notice is the appreciation your customers will have as a result of implementing material handling carts. By improving the efficiency of your routes, you’ll be able to move more material in a given day. This will translate to shorter lead times. You’ll also realize a reduction in the number of damaged goods as a result of moving material on a day-to-day basis. Customers always appreciate receiving their goods in good condition and at a faster rate.

Increase Productivity

Using the right equipment will also help to increase the day-to-day productivity of any facility. With more material being moved and more time being freed up for employees, you’ll be able to take those additional resources and allocate them elsewhere. Not only helping increase the productivity of your manufacturing process but also increases the efficiency of your inventory management and lead times.

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Reduce Injuries & Accidents

Forklifts are dangerous. They’re responsible for over 36,000 serious injuries annually. Replacing forklifts with carts can reduce the number of accidents that take place in your facility. Some of the most common injuries that take place in manufacturing include neck and back injuries. Improving ergonomics through the use of carts can improve the overall morale of your employees. It will also lead to increased efficiency as an added benefit.



Implementing material handling carts will help you streamline workflow, improve your overall customer service, increase productivity while reducing the number of serious accidents. To learn more about how you can implement carts into your facilities and take advantage of the many benefits they have to offer, feel free to reach out to us by clicking here.  


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