CarryMore Tugger Cart System Case Study

June 9, 2023
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June 9, 2023 Dan Gannaway

Embracing Implementation of Change 

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Inc. (MEAA) has made significant strides in enhancing safety, quality, productivity, and cost efficiency with their first line conversion to the CarryMore mother daughter material delivery method. Gone are the days of forklifts navigating crowded production floors. The CarryMore system offers a streamlined and efficient solution that eliminates unnecessary walking time, pallet jacks, and mix-part opportunities. MEAA’s white paper and video detail their successful journey, from project objectives to the selection of Jtec Industries as a partner.

Discover the quantifiable stats and improvements achieved through this implementation, including enhanced safety, improved quality control, increased productivity, and substantial cost savings. The CarryMore Train method has not only revolutionized manufacturing processes but also paves the way for future enhancements and potential expansion across MEAA facilities.

Download the white paper and watch the video to explore how the CarryMore Train method can revolutionize material delivery in the automotive manufacturing industry, delivering unparalleled benefits in efficiency and operational excellence.

Experience the transformation of material delivery in automotive manufacturing with our insightful video showcasing the CarryMore Train Method in action. Discover how Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Inc. (MEAA) implemented this innovative solution to revolutionize their alternator production and manufacturing areas.

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Discover how this pattened system can enhance safety, productivity, and cost efficiency in your operations. 


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