5 Mother Daughter Tugger Carts Solutions

January 24, 2022
January 24, 2022 Ty Overcash

5 Mother-Daughter Cart Solutions with CarryMore

The CarryMore mother-daughter cart system works with any tugger or AGV on the market.  Lifting the daughter cart off the ground for transport gives the operator better ergonomic handling when loading, unloading, and pushing the daughter cart to point of use.  Our patented all-mechanical loading system, Elemate, incorporates HD cam rollers set on an incline to guide and lift daughter carts securely onto mother carts for safe and smooth transport.

1. Center Steering – TCSA-20 (Tugger, Center-Steer, Single-Bay, “A” Size)


Features our dual pin mechanical center latch with Elemate 1.0 to lift the daughter cart off the ground during transport.  The center-steer diamond shape caster position allows for 2 rigid casters in the center and spring loaded swivel casters centered on both ends. The spring casters allow for continuous ground contact reducing noise and caster flutter.


2. Quad Steering – TQSB-30 (Tugger, Quad-Steer, Single-Bay, “B” Size)


The true quad-steer design creates superior tracking in transit and allows this cart to make tight turns with minimal walk-in from the first cart to the last in the train.  stout casters help easily tug up to 3000 Lbs and can be pulled in either direction with a quick change of the tongue and can be arranged to be loaded from either side of the isle.  Carts are easily connected with a standard 2″ ball hitch that creates a quiet, smooth and consistent follow path. 

3. Dual-Bay –TQDA-40 (Tugger, Quad-Steer, Dual-Bay, “A” Size)


Easily Tug Up To 4000 Lbs and Maximize Capacity With The Dual Bays Allowing You To Tug 2 Individual Carts Or One Large Cart Over Both Bays.  Features Our Dual Pin Mechanical Center Latch With Elemate 1.0 To Lift The Daughter Cart Off The Ground During Transport.  The dual bay design allows for greater flexibility when designing the daughter cart for your lineside requirements.   


4. Electric Lift – TQSA-25-E (Tugger, Quad-Steer, Single-Bay, “A” Size, Electric Lift) 


Uses the standard dual pin mechanical center latch with Elemate 3.0 that connects to the tugger electrical power to lift the daughter cart off the ground with the touch of a switch to be ready for transport.  Offloading the daughter carts is the same as all CarryMore mother carts. 


5. Bi-Directional Loading – TCHA-20 (Tugger, Center-Steer, H-Frame, “A” Size)


Dual pin mechanical center latch on both Sides With Elemate 2.0 To lift the daughter cart off the ground during transport.  Easily tug up to 2000 Lb the H frame is designed to be loaded and unloaded from either side of the isle making this design ideal when isle width is tight and lineside space is a premium. 



After years of experience, we have narrowed down four system sizes to suit a majority of our customers’ needs. These system sizes support a wide variety of industry needs and have a short production time frame for quick implementation.

If your needs are outside our standard sizing, our team can help you identify and design a customized product to fit your needs. 


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