Push Assist, An Ergonomic Solution

August 10, 2020
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August 10, 2020 Dan Gannaway

Push Assist With The MoveMore-40  –   An ergonomic solution.

Jtec Industries carts with premium casters are one of the easiest carts in the industry to push. That said, when heavy loads are involved you should consider using the MoveMore-40 Push Assist regardless of whether it is a Jtec cart or from another manufacturer.  The MM-40 handles load up to 4,000 pounds.  This highly maneuverable machine with an ergonomic, 3-position handle makes moving heavy loads a breeze. Push assist with the MoveMore-40, The MM-40 comes with a manual, two 24V lithium quick change batteries, and a charger so you’re never out of power when it is needed.  The factory-set speed is adequate for most applications but can be adjusted to be slower or faster if needed. Jtec can provide an optional adapter that is designed to fit your cart.  This adapter makes contact but does not lift the cart.  Once the cart is engaged, the MM-40 can be easily steered whether you elect to push or pull.  The controls are intuitive, so this makes it very easy to use with little operating instruction required.  Remove your hand from the throttle and the MM-40 automatically stops.  This machine even has a “Belly Button” switch that will stop it instantly if it comes in contact with you during operation.  The large, 10” pneumatic drive wheels allow for excellent traction on all kinds of floors.  Lastly, the MM-40 has a 24-month limited warranty and a 12-month warranty on the manipulator/adapter.

See the MoveMore-40 in action Click Here 

The Caboose Cart   –   Bring it along for the ride.

Jtec Industries has designed a cart built specifically for the MoveMore-40!  There are times when the MoveMore-40 might be placed in one specific area and there are other times it could be needed for making line deliveries.  This cart can be attached to the end of the train, so it is always there when needed.  This cart securely transports the MoveMore-40 and is easily off-loaded/loaded.


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