Unique Solutions: Jtec’s Order Picker Attachment

August 13, 2021
Posted in Products
August 13, 2021 Joe Wyzlic
In this article, we will explore Jtec’s Order Picker Attachment and how it increases ergonomics, decreases waste, and reduces wear and tear on carts in vertical picking applications. Manufacturing facilities and warehouses are constantly looking for unique avenues to reduce waste, increase efficiencies, and do more with less. In most applications, floor space is a highly valuable commodity. This constraint has given rise to vertical warehouses along with vertical picking and kitting. Order picker trucks are specialized fork vehicles that are designed to allow truck operators to pick individual parts or totes at height in these vertical warehouses. Multiple touches or movements of parts and materials are considered waste in the manufacturing process. An optimized material flow strategy will move material to its’ finished state or point of use in as few touches as possible – which is why picking directly into a cart that then maybe tugged to the line is highly preferred. Jtec manufactures a bolt-on attachment for these picker trucks, the Order Picker Attachment (OPA). This attachment has an array of unique benefits. First, the OPA provides a foot of additional standing room for the operator on the picker truck – this may not sound like much, but when compared to most picker trucks, it equates to around a 35% increase in standing room. This increase is substantial for operator comfort and ergonomics when you’re picking parts 25 feet above the ground during a long shift. Second, the OPA allows for quick and secure connection of Jtec carts. Little time is wasted for the picker truck operator when picking up or dropping off carts and they can rest assured that the carts will remain safely attached to the OPA, with both primary and secondary latching mechanisms available. The final primary benefit of the attachment is that it helps keep your cart fleet running well for longer. The attachment takes the abuse and blows of the unavoidable picker truck condition of dropping a cart down hard on its casters. Over time, this causes damage to the casters, expensive and important components of the industrial carts. Contact Jtec today for a consultation & review of your vertical picking process to see if the Order Picker Attachment is right for your operation!