Six Advantages of Tugging Mother-Daughter Carts

May 1, 2023
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May 1, 2023 Brad VanBeuning

Six Advantages of Using Mother-Daughter Tugger Carts for Material Handling in Manufacturing

Material handling is an often unconsidered yet vital part of the manufacturing process. Whether you are transporting raw materials or finished goods from one location to another, this process can be time consuming and labor intensive. Traditional ways of handling material slow down production, increase costs, and are a leading cause of injury in the workplace. This is where the CarryMore® mother-daughter tugger cart system comes in. These carts offer countless improvements for handling materials in shops, warehouses, and more. In this article, we’ll explore six of the most significant advantages of using mother-daughter tugger carts.

1) Greater Efficiency

One of the most notable benefits of our tugger system is the overall efficiency it provides. Efficiency is all about getting the job done in the most simple, straightforward, and successful way possible. Our system provides a practical solution to the redundancy of forklift transportation by allowing for a single route to drop off or pick up multiple loads at once. Our system reduces trips, maximizes delivery capacity, and greatly simplifies your transport route.

2) Flexibility

Our system offers a high level of flexibility, which adds to its efficiency. With our system, you can easily swap out the daughter carts for different types of loads while keeping the mother cart in place. Certain sized mother carts even allow for the option of two small or one large daughter cart for transportation. This flexibility makes the transportation of a vast range of materials much more convenient on the factory floor.

3) Increased Safety

Safety and efficiency go hand-in-hand. In simplifying the process, we have eliminated much of the need for forklifts. With the CarryMore® system, no forklifts are required during the most hazardous part of material transport to populated areas. Forklifts account for a majority of injuries in the workplace, with almost 80% of forklift accidents involving a pedestrian. In implementing our system, you greatly reduce lane traffic and get forklifts away from work areas, where employees are. This is a clear route to reducing workers’ compensation claims, thus keeping employees safe and at work.

4) Better Ergonomics

Instead of employees pushing or carrying parts around the shop, the parts come to them. Our carts do the work so they don’t have to. Additionally, our daughter carts use the highest grade casters: creating an easy, smooth transfer from mother carts and to the work area. Together, mother and daughter carts help to reduce the risk of back injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders, giving employees more confidence and boosting morale.

5) Cost Savings

You may not realize that the CarryMore® system is more cost-effective than other types of material handling systems. By implementing our system you will see both a greater and quicker return-on-investment due to reduced labor, maintenance, and injury costs. You will also notice that your materials are much safer in transit. Another way you save in costs is by our patented, all-mechanical loading system, Elemate. This process securely guides the daughter cart on an incline, into the mother cart, actually lifting the casters off the ground. This expands the lifetime of the casters and carts both. Our mother-daughter tugger carts can help to improve profitability and ensure the long-term sustainability of manufacturing operations.

6) Enhanced Workflow

A consistent and dependable workflow is one of the most important assets in manufacturing. The mother-daughter tugger system can be easily integrated into existing workflows, the only change being greater efficiency. With our system, materials can be easily and steadily transported between workstations, creating a workflow you and your employees will be confident in. By streamlining material handling processes, our carts can help to optimize manufacturing operations, which increases productivity and builds a competitive advantage.

In Conclusion

As you now see, from greater flexibility to an enhanced workflow, our system can help bring the best out of your production team. By choosing the right mother-daughter tugger carts for your manufacturing operation, you can improve productivity, reduce workplace injuries, and ensure the long-term success of your business.

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